How to deactivate or delete an Instagram account?

Instagram is a content-sharing platform, it is a mobile application that enables you to share various kinds of content. It was launched in 2010 and has since become a mode of social media, as it is becoming more and more popular, people are getting more attracted to it. Instagram has become a mode of presenting people’s ideas, sharing news, and some very unfortunate events that are happening around the world but nobody is noticing or such events that the media is not covering. Instagram is also very useful to know differentiating opinions and sides in a very controversial situation.

 A platform that also allows you to share your pictures, videos, and short reels. Many people show off their skills online and become popular online. Many people have become influencers and have a lot of followers who appreciate and like their content. Instagram has also become a way of advertising your product through Instagram pages and ads. This has also made them increase the reach of their product. Instagram is also a medium for entertainment for many people. You can look for memes, funny videos, inspirational videos, contents of people, that are doing something creative, dancing, or doing amazing things.

The bad side of Instagram.

As important and as useful as Instagram is, it can also be very distracting and bad for your mental health. Instagram has a bad side as well. You can even get disturbed just by some bad or disturbing comment, it can cause an effect n your thinking and can make you unhappy. This is especially for the teenagers as social media is filled with all kinds of people, someone’s slightest comment or some bad opinion or disagreement can cause a kind of aggression between the teenagers and can make them anxious or can even trigger depression. This can make them feel bad about themselves, either about how they look or about their skills. This affects mental health very badly and hence you should take some break from social media. Social media can also be very distracting when you have exams or some important things to work on this is also a time when you will need a break. Sometimes you are just tired of socializing and staying alone can help you de-stress and relax better.

Social Media Detoxification.

There is a new therapy called social media detoxification, that helps people who are addicted tot he social media or are very much used to looking at some or other content constantly. This is a therapy that helps you to stay away from social media to cure your addiction. You just have to deactivate or delete your account. This will help you get better, you recover from your addiction, feel fresher, and have a better lifestyle, this will also help you to become more and more productive. You will also have better sleep at night and there will be reduced stress on your eyes and you will have improved mental health. This is sometimes a good technique to heal your anxiety or depression.

There are two options to take a break just deactivate your account or delete it permanently.

To deactivate your account you can do as follows:

Step 1:Log into your Instagram account through a browser. 

Step 2:Go to your profile, by selecting the bottom right option.

Step 3:Click on the Edit profile option that will is visible above your highlights and just below your bio.

Step 4:Scroll down to find the temporarily disable account option at the bottom right.

Step 5: There will be options to select about why do you want to deactivate the account.

Step 6: Select the reason from the list, if you do not have the reason then you can select the other options.

Step 7: Click o the temporarily disable the account.

How to delete your account? 

Step 1: You should log into your account from a browser that is dedicated to deleting the Instagram account.

Step 2: There will be a drop-down option next to why you want to delete the account.

Step 3: Select the reason you want to delete the account.

Step 4: After selecting the reason you will have to renter your password. 

Step 5: The option to delete the account permanently will appear.

Step 6: Click on the option. 

Step 7: Your account will be deleted permanently, and you will not be able to use the account with the same username.


Instagram is a good platform for sharing content and advertising and entertainment. But this has a huge impact on mental health. Social media can be very distracting at times and you should always take a break. This is a very good method to get your health better. You can improve your mental health, get rid of your addition so a little break is always good. You will have less strain.